I am currently accepting new students for the fall of 2017 in Toronto, ON.


I have been teaching private flute lessons in Toronto, Montreal, and Lindsay for over eleven years. My student's ages have ranged from four to sixty years old, and their musical experience levels from absolute beginner to advanced.

In private lessons, I bring with me not only all of my performance experience, but also a true passion for classical music, contemporary music, and creating new art.

As a certified NCCP certified coach (for sports!), I approach music education from a physical aspect of training just as much as an emotional and intellectual endeavor.


In our first private lesson together, we will talk about our goals and intentions, whether they be to work towards specific milestones such as Royal Conservatory Examinations, competitions, and auditions, or more broad intentions such as gaining confidence through performance, or finding joy in making beautiful music!


With me, you will learn many skills- some of them new, and some of them not new, but approached in a new way. Skills like discipline, understanding motivation, focus, manual dexterity, breath control, and time-management.


Music-making and music-enjoyment go hand-in-hand. Your level of growth is subjective and up to you. I will be here to inspire and guide you along your journey!


I also offer:

  • Beginner Piano
  • Music Theory and Harmony
  • Music History and Appreciation
  • Group lessons (excluding piano)
  • Performance Opportunities for all of my students, one in December and one in the spring.
  • Masterclasses and Clinics for Elementary and High Schools (If you or your child are interested in bringing me to your school, please get in touch!)